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It’s a dangerous business going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

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I hope that someone’s gonna find me and say that I belong
I’ll wait forever and a lifetime to find I’m not alone
And there’s a silent storm inside me, and someday I’ll be calm
Someday I’ll be calm

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Silent Storm
Carl Espen


i’ll wait forever and a lifetime,
to find i’m not alone.

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Richard Armitage + quotes [insp]

Then the boat turned towards me, and stayed its pace, and floated slowly by within my hand’s reach, yet I durst not handle it. It waded deep, as if it were heavily burdened, and it seemed to me as it passed under my gaze that it was almost filled with clear water, from which came the light; and lapped in the water a warrior lay asleep.>
A broken sword was on his knee. I saw many wounds on him. it was Boromir, my brother, dead. I knew his gear, his sword, his beloved face. One thing only I missed: his horn. One thing only I knew not: a fair belt, as it were of linked golden leaves, about his waist. 
Boromir! I cried. Where is thy horn? Whither goest thou? O Boromir! But he was gone. The boat turned into the stream and passed glimmering on into the night. Dreamlike it was, and yet no dream, for there was no waking.

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get to know me meme: [6/] favorite movies  Submarine

"Things are a lot less fun since Jordana’s mother might die and my parent’s marriage is falling apart. I’ve been working on strategies to solve both problems. I bought my dad some new aftershave but I’m drawing a blank on the whole cancer situation."

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You must be Mr. Boggins

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from @rubyredstilleto on twitter (X)

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